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LaserLyte Crossbow Laser Bore Sight

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Product Features
  • Fits all crossbows
  • Sight your crossbow in like a rifle
  • Works with all crossbow scopes/sights
  • Power Output: 650nm, 5mW, Class IIIa
Product Description

Send your crossbow home just like a rifle, with laser accuracy. Sight your crossbow in just like a rifle, using the Laser Crossbow Sighter. Save time getting sighted in, economical alternative to expensive bolts/broad heads and check zero anytime with an uncocked crossbow. Put the Laser Crossbow Sighter on the flight groove (arrow track) and under the string of any uncocked crossbow. Shine the laser out 20 yards, adjust the 20 yard reticle/dot to the laser then fire the first bolt. Then you are on target instantly within 1-2 inches of bullseye. Constructed from tough T6 aluminum, the Laser Bore Sight comes in a sleek red finish and works great on any crossbow. The bow needs to have a maximum of 7 inches from the string to the end of the flight groove to operate. The Laser Crossbow Sighter makes sight-in sessions a breeze for scopes, lasers or iron sights on any crossbow. The Laser Crossbow Sight activates with a roll switch and is powered by three 393 batteries that provide one and a half hours of continuous use. This is the simplest and easiest way to sight in your crossbow.


- Product Number: MBS-XMJ

- Compatible Crossbow: Fits all Crossbows

- Power Output: < 5mW @ 650nm Class: IIIa

- Batteries: 3-393 batteries

- Battery Life: 1.5 hours constant on

- Material: 6061 T6 aluminum

- Weight: 1.5 ounces

- Length: 8.75 inches Max.

- Diameter: .52 inches Min.

- Diameter: .35 inches

- Range at Night: 500 yds

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