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SPIG Airsoft RC Type 90 Battle Tank

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Equipped with motor AIR GUN
  • Equipped with high gripping caterpillar
  • All driving wheels suspension system
  • Max firing range of about 25 meters
  • Turret can turn to both sides and gun can go up and down
Product Description
This Airsoft tank is a Ready to Battle tank meaning that it comes with everything needed to get you rolling. 1/24 scale, 3 channel remote control tank fires 6mm airsoft BB's! Full-function remote controls tank movement, 320 degree turret rotation and 20 degree height, as well as firing (40 BB capacity)! Maximum firing range of about 25 meters. Length: 41cm. 2-level forward speed control (forward, backward, spin, super spin). Set includes: battle tank, remote control, battery charger, Rechargeable battery included and accessories. Performance specifications are max firing range of about 25M, turret can turn to both sides and gun can go up and down, all driving wheels suspension system, 2-level forward speed control, it is equipped with motor AIR GUN and high gripping caterpillar and can move forward, backward, spin, and super spin and fighting possibility for up to 3 tanks at a time with a running time of up to 60 minutes package includes remote control battle tank, bag of 6mm battle bullets, rechargeable battery (for tank), batterries for controller, radio control, and ac charger/adapter.

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