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Classic Army Airsoft GI M132 Microgun Airsoft Gun, Velocity of 38 Rounds Per Second – Powered By HPA Rig or Green Gas

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Classic Army
Product Features
  • Strong Body - Even though this airsoft microgun weighs only 9 pounds, it delivers a high level of durability with a reinforced polymer body
  • Ships with Large Magazine - The microgun has a spring-loaded 2,200-round magazine that feeds BBs in a hurry
  • Joystick-Style Trigger - You'll love the design of the trigger on the M132, as it helps you maintain your firing pace
  • Upgrade Options - Feel free to give this airsoft M132 gun any of several upgrades, including with barrels, hop-ups, buckings or standard AEG parts
  • High Velocity Performer - With its speed, our CA M132 microgun will deliver up to 38 rounds per second, but you'll remain able to fire accurately
Product Description

The four-barrel Airsoft GI Classic Army M132 Microgun Airsoft Gun gives you the perfect mix of high muzzle velocity and accuracy. This airsoft microgun can deliver rounds at up to 38 per second, driven through each of the four battery-powered rotating barrels. The gun ships with a 2,200-round magazine that's spring loaded to feed BBs quickly to keep up with the M132's high velocity. This microgun runs from an HPA rig or from green gas, and you can adjust the HPA PSI regulator to deliver the exact muzzle velocity you need in each situation.

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