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Western Images Leatherworks, Inc Sportsman's Leather Chest Holster for Colt Autos (1911 Delta Elite 5" Barrel M1913 rail .10 mm, I am right handed)

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Dark Brown
  • Manufacturer:
    Western Images Leatherworks, Inc.
Product Features
  • Suede lined holster and shoulder strap, easy on and off when layering clothes
  • A multitude of strap adjustments for a perfect fit from Small to XXXL body frames
  • Top Grain Leather Construction
  • Adjustable holster retention screw and strap with snap to secure your weapon
  • Heavy duty nylon thread stitching
Product Description
The Sportsman's Chest Holster has amazing versatility for hunting, fishing, horseback, riding ATV's or any outdoor job. Simple adjustments can position your weapon near your side or your chest in a cross draw fashion. The squeeze release buckle makes this harness a breeze to step into or take off as you're layering clothes during the day. Don't let the price fool you! This is a high quality holster with high quality US craftsmanship. Please be aware that these chest Holsters fit listed standard manufactured weapons. After market accessories such as scopes, tac lights and lasers are not figured into the equation. This harness uses Chicago Screws for adjust ability. We include 2 extra sets of screws and a tube of blue Loctite to secure them in place at no extra charge. If you don't read the instructions, don't blame us if the screws fall out!

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