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Winchester .45 Caliber Ammo Cufflinks

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These are potentially the manliest pair of cufflinks that I currently produce. I really do not know how much more "man" my pairs can get. When you go to the gun range just to create brass to turn into cufflinks.... you know you're reaching close to maximum masculine levels. And now, my friends, I wish to include you in this adventure of manliness. I want you to have a pair just like this, made of genuine spent brass with the manufacturer's name and the caliber of the firearm arm emblazoned on the front. These ones are from a brass .45 Auto caliber pistol round. The company is Winchester. Show your enthusiasm for shooting sports (or just the plain old Second Amendment) by adding these cufflinks to your outfit. These are made with pride in the USA! Please support American manufacturing and small business! If you have any questions or would like to discuss prices, please feel free to email me :) DO YOU NEED A SPECIAL OR ENGRAVED WOODEN BOX FOR YOUR CUFFLINKS?

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