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MP Paintball Air Bunker - Cylinder - Small (5' H) (MP-SB-1011)

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Mighty Products
Product Features
  • Equipped with PATENTED Smart-Valve for easy handling of over inflation and auto pressure release, exclusively from Mighty Paintball
  • Made from commercial grade, 23oz gauge, mesh reinforced, double side coated PVC.
  • Warranty - 12 month limited warranty
Product Description
MP air bunker is designed for commercial field use. It can be used for paintball, airsoft, lasertag, etc. MP bunker is made from mesh reinforced, double side coated PVC fabric, which is oil-resist and meldew-resistant. This fabric has wide range temeature from -20C - 70C, enabling the MP bunker being used almost anywhere both indoor and outdoor enviroment . The smooth surface of the bunker can be easily cleaned with water or light detergent. MP air bunker is a sealed inflatable bunker, equipped with Patented Smart-Valve, a pressure release valve for easy inflating, deflating and protecting against over-inflation.

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