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Knife: Chef's Knives Put to Test

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Well, we did it! We managed to get a new publication
off the ground, at a time when a lot of people were
saying it couldn’t be done, but this is the time when
it’s most needed.
The support we’ve received from the community has been
overwhelming, and we are thrilled to bring you this second
issue. We’ve learned a great deal in a very short period of
time, and hopefully this means that we are improving. In
this issue we bring to you new articles and columns that
didn’t make it into last issue for one reason or another,
new contributors, new stories and of course new knives!
We could not have picked a better time or place to launch
than the Sydney Show. This is the Mecca for Aussie knife
makers and collectors! We did our best to cover the Show
Report in this issue, but honestly, we could’ve easily
dedicated the entire magazine to this spectacular event
and probably still missed some amazing makers and
displays! We will be following up on these in the coming
In this issue we bring you some hot topics and exclusive
interviews including Sal Gelsser of Spyderco Knives. We
also have Anne Reeve of Chris Reeve Knives featuring in
a hot discussion topic of counterfeit knives. This is a very
relevant topic: if you’re following international knife news
you would have heard about a law-suit that we are not
permitted to mention here, but we were still determined
to bring to you this story. Apart from the interviews, we
had to obtain examples and photos of fakes without
contributing to the problem ourselves.

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