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Trailite TL-NH101 robust nylon Flashlight Holster up to 170 mm/ 6.5 inches long with push button

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Product Details
  • Color:
  • Manufacturer:
    LiteXpress Germany GmbH
  • Model:
Product Features
  • Robust quality with Velcro fastener for quick and easy attachment
  • suiatable for Molle attachement
  • used by German Law Enforcement very solid construction
  • With additional belt loop no need to remove the belt to install
  • rugged edc carry Flashlight, Multitool and / or Knife, fits Mag-Lite XL50, XL200, Mag Tac and many others
Product Description
Trailite nylon holster, 170 mm/ 6.5 inches

* Robust quality with Velcro fastener for quick and easy attachment
* With additional belt loop
* For pocket torches with lengths up to 165 mm/ 6.5 inches and diameters of 20 mm/ 0.8 inches to 28 mm/ 1.1 inches
* Colour: black
* Weight: 44g/ 1.55 oz/ 0.1 lb

The robust Trailite nylon holster can be used for the following models of torches:
DP-012AA-C de.power 3xAAA LED aluminium torch
DP-014AA-C de.power 2xAA LED aluminium torch
DP-016CR-C de.power 3xCR123A LED aluminium torch
DP-025USB-C de.power Li-Ion Akku USB - rechargeable LED aluminium torch
LXL439001 LiteXpress X-Tactical 101 aluminium torch
LXL440001 LiteXpress X-Tactical 102 aluminium torch
LXL447001/ LXL447001B LiteXpress X-Tactical 104 aluminium torch
LXL448001/LXL448001B LiteXpress X-Tactical 105 aluminium torch
LXL433001 LiteXpress Workx SOS 4 aluminium torch

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