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The Zipline is an all kit gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline.It may also be found as a Battle Pickup.. The zipline is launched via a crossbow, with an electronic sight that indicates valid targets. Upon successfully attaching to a object, a stationary pole is set up for the zipline to attach to on the player's end.

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Sometimes u just shouldnt follow someone...this guy learns the hard way.

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Construction [edit | edit source]. To create a Zip-Line, load an Anchor into a Crossbow and fire at any surface within a reasonable distance. Immediately afterwards, fire another Anchor at a spot above or below the first Anchor to create the Zip-Line between the two anchors.

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KriegsMeister27 said: Yes to Grappling hook and zipline no to Crossbow, leave that shit back in the medieval years where it belongs The crossbow was not weaponized (it couldn't hurt people in Special Forces), it was used to fire your zip line across distances so that you can then make use of it.