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Workout on the Weider Crossbow Max showing a few exercise

Showing a few exercise on on the weider crossbow max similar to a bow flex.

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Crossbow Exercises | By

Crossbow exercises are weight training exercises in which you use an all-in-one machine built by the company Weider. They are very similar to bowflex exercises and in fact were introduced as a response to the bowflex's success. The crossbow will allow you to perform over 65 weight training exercises, all using this single piece of fitness equipment.

Weider Crossbow Workout Routines | SportsRec

An example of a full-body routine on a Weider Crossbow would be standing calf raises, seated ab crunches, chest presses, triceps pushdowns, rows, and squats. Allow one day in between full-body workouts and, as with any resistance routine, remember to warm up before you start and stretch to cool down when finished.

50 Weider Crossbow exercises ideas | bowflex workout ...

Aug 8, 2015 - This board is individual pictures of the instruction sheet that came with my Weider Crossbow Platinum. Some folds can be seen but its the only way I could get them blown up and shared. See more ideas about bowflex workout, workout chart, workout splits.

Crossbow Workout Manual | Blog Dandk

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