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Bohning Tex-Tite Bow String Wax by Bohning

  • Designed especially for synthetic fiber bowstrings
  • Lubricates and lengthens string life
  • Easy to use 1 oz tube

Barnett Outdoors Crossbow Lube Wax, 3-Pack by barnett

  • Specifically formulated to prolong life of bowstrings
  • Used for lubricating barrel of crossbow
  • Reduces friction and increases Velocity

Dead Down Wind Rail Lube/Bow Wax (3pack) by Dead Down Wind

  • Rails, Bows, Crossbows, Firearms, Arrows
  • Prevents fraying of the bowstring & cables
  • Premium Protection



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Mossy Oak Bow String Wax by Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories

  • Enhances string life
  • Mossy Oak wax
  • Bowstring wax

Southland Archery Supply SAS Archery Crossbow Flight Lube Wax - 3/Pack by Southland Archery Supply

  • Greatly increase crossbow string lifetime
  • Recommended to apply lube wax regularly (usually 20-30 shots)
  • Stick Lubricant with Silicone

How to Wax Your Crossbow String (And Should You Wax the Serving?)

A few people have asked about string wax. Here I talk about waxing the string on your crossbow, but also--should you wax the serving of your crossbow string? An important question. Here goes!...


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