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Late season turkeys can be difficult to hunt. First of all, you have to find them. Turkeys will often move from their early spring haunts and patterns if there is hunting pressure. Even if there isn't any hunting pressure, turkey will move with the food sources. A particular food source they like may not have been available in April, but it is by May. Turkeys will simply move and change...


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    Big law changes for turkey hunters

    Bangor Daily News - 08/23/17

    The rules must permit the use of a crossbow during the springan open season for hunting wild turkey hunting season, except that a person may not hunt wild turkey with a crossbow from October 1st until the first day of the open season established by the 

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    Hunters to take advantage of state's tax-free weekend | The ...

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    The deer and turkey hunting seasons in Mississippi will be opening soon meaning it is time for hunters to stock up on ammo or purchase new guns for the 

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    Portage Daily Register - 08/22/17

    Fall turkey hunting season opens through Dec. 31 in Zones 1-5 through Nov. 17 in Zones 6-7. … Archery and crossbow deer season opens through Jan. 7, 2018. … Ruffed grouse season opens in the Zone A through Jan. 31. (Zone B opens Oct. 15—Dec. 8.).

  • North Platte Telegraph North Platte Telegraph

    Outdoors: Hunting seasons approaching in Nebraska

    North Platte Telegraph - 08/24/17

    Bow and arrow may also be used, crossbows are not allowed on migratory birds. Doves must be shot in flight and may be taken 30 minutes Several southwest wildlife management areas including Medicine Creek, Swanson, Red Willow, Enders, Hayes Center


    Clarkson: Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show returns with new twists ... - 08/05/17

    The Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show will be back for a 34th year next weekend at the Richmond Raceway Complex.


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