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Hunting Crossbows Power & Range: In this crossbow guide series we will review proper crossbow set-ups, arrow recommendations, broadhead recommendations, point blank range sight-ins, deer size animal shot placements and whether you should ground blind or treestand hunt for various power crossbows.

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The SCM Twinbow Six pack utilizes a very short 8" power stroke and achieves 310 fps with a 400 grain arrow and in order to do that, its draw weight is over 350 lb. At full draw it measures only 11" axle to axle. The Horton V 175 is not much wider and uses a little longer power stroke and shoots a little over 300 fps with a 400 grain arrow.

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While it is true that the higher the power stroke, the more powerful the arrow shot will be, there is no reason to obsess about this value and try to get the crossbow with the longest power stroke; what matters more is whether the stroke was adjusted properly based on the crossbow’s draw weight (which it always is in the best models).

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Talked with a guy who is thinking of building a reverse limb crossbow with a 24" power stroke with speeds up to 600 fps. It will have all the very best of components, type III finish, and Barnsdale limbs.

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Its unique feature is its power stroke which is 6-4/5”. It is very powerful and it shouldn’t be confused with a toy. Customers say that they are really impressed by this crossbow because it is especially solidly constructed. Most of the users say that this pistol crossbow lets them shoot straight at targets.