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Battle of the Crossbows: Mission MXB 360 vs. Excalibur Matrix 380 Review

All products shown in our videos are available on our website: Jessy's take on his favorite crossbows for 2013! In this video he compares the Mission MXB 360 & the...

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Why Understanding Power Stroke on Your Crossbow Is Vital

Power stroke is the length between the crossbow's string in its full-draw position and at rest point. This all begs the question, "Does power stroke length come first when designing a new crossbow?" According to Dykeman, "We start off by determining the consumer needs for function, performance, fit, and feel, and then design the power stroke around those features to meet the criteria.

Crossbows / Power / Range / Specifications.

Draw weight is only part of the crossbow power equation. Recurve Crossbows derive their power by draw weight and draw length or power-stroke, these are the lowest powered crossbows. Compound Crossbows derive their power by draw weight, draw length or power-stroke, wheels and or cams. Wheeled Compound Crossbows offer a cocking advantage for a given draw weight and slightly more power than a recurve crossbow. Cam Compound Crossbows offers a cocking advantage for a given draw weight and a lot ...

5 Best PSE Crossbows [December 2020] - Best Crossbow Guide

The Insight crossbow is perfect for teaching youth and beginners the basics of crossbow operation and safety. Its longbow style design provides a safer and user-friendly crossbow experience for all ages. The crossbow has an adjustable buttstock and automatic safety feature. It also features an anti-dry fire trigger.

Power Stroke Giveaway | Win a Crossbow and More at Shoot On

the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 hunting crossbow is a perfectly balanced reverse-draw crossbow measuring only 9-inches wide and shooting up to 400 FPS. The RDX 400 is a reverse draw crossbow that features a perfectly balanced reverse-draw bow assembly that utilizes the full 15.5” of power-stroke and our Reaper Cam System™ that together deliver consistent down-range accuracy and lightning speeds up to 400 FPS.

Most Powerful, Strongest & High Power Crossbow For Sale In ...

This strongest crossbow comes with specifications such as the velocity of 460 fps, draw weight of 180 pounds, 7.5 pounds of normal weight and power stroke of 18 inches. Its length is 34 inches and width 12.8 inches. It includes ACU draw crank cocking mechanism, tech integrated trigger housing and scope rail system.