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Why Understanding Power Stroke on Your Crossbow Is Vital

Of those measurements, the least understood yet possibly most important, is power stroke. In its simplest terms, power stroke is the length between the crossbow's string in the rearmost, or cocked position, and it's uncocked, resting point.

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The Bruzer combines a long 14” power stroke with 125 lb. limbs to send arrows down range at up to 335 FPS. Because this is a reverse draw design, that long power stroke won’t feel that long due to the string being at the front of the crossbow.

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Compound Crossbows derive their power by draw weight, draw length or power-stroke, wheels and or cams. Wheeled Compound Crossbows offer a cocking advantage for a given draw weight and slightly more power than a recurve crossbow.

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This Jackal pistol crossbow has a power stroke of 12 inches, an arrow length of 20 inches weighs 7.7 lbs. Moreover, it has quad limbs and high definition camouflage. The Barnett crossbow is great for those who are getting into target-practice sports.

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At full draw it measures only 11" axle to axle. The Horton V 175 is not much wider and uses a little longer power stroke and shoots a little over 300 fps with a 400 grain arrow. There are other crossbows that use mucch longer power strokes to lower draw weight and/or increase speed. The Scorpyd is an example.