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How to Roll a Cross Joint

If you've seen Pineapple Express, you've definitely at least thought about rolling a cross joint. But how do you do it? @SheSmokesJoints breaks it down and makes it real easy. You'll learn...


How To Roll The Cross Joint | Rollitup

I googled how to roll a cross joint, came up with a few ways, then I found this and gave it a try, mine chuffed up when it came to the cross part n the end fell off lol the left side burnt a lot quicker then the other points, think i need a bit of practise 2 get it perfect, but on the whole was pretty awesome!!

Crossbow Point Condominium Corporation - Home

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Crossbow Accessories from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies offers the most innovative and safest cocking devices ever engineered to an array of superior crossbow accessories that have been custom created to work specifically with your hunting crossbow.

Operation Crossbow - Wikipedia

Crossbow was the code name of the World War II campaign of Anglo-American "operations against all phases of the German long-range weapons programme. It included operations against research and development of the weapons, their manufacture, transportation and their launching sites, and against missiles in flight".

HEAVY Medieval 1250lbs Windlass Crossbow - TESTED in Slo-Mo

Tod of discussing and demonstrating a powerful medieval military crossbow, spanned by windlass. Rate of fire tested and, for the first time, distance! Draw weight 1250lbs = 567kg ...

wwii ww2 manche battleofnormandy bricquebec secondeguerremondiale centredemontageetderavitaillement
Deux citernes cylindriques de stockage de peroxyde d'oxygène à 80-85%, couchées sur le flanc. Ces réservoirs sont décrits dans le rapport de visite du 6 juillet 1944 de Operation Crossbow : " Le peroxyde...
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wwii ww2 manche battleofnormandy bricquebec secondeguerremondiale centredemontageetderavitaillement
Soldat américain près d'une cuve camouflée sous un filet, au bord d'un chemin sous un arbre. Il s'agit de la cuve visible en arrière plan sur la photo p000622: Cuve...
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starwars lego ccbs
Star Wars characters in a new mini scale, made using a fusion of system, technic, and CCBS. Lando has a basic build. I originally wanted his torso in medium blue, but I didn't have the parts, so he appears in...
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