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You're Tom Riley, the franchise's usual Joe Everyman, in this case spending the first five minutes as a fireman before getting down to business. All the familiar firearms are back, including the bullseye, which lets you tag enemies for auto aim, and the auger that lets you shoot through cover, along with additions like the mule, a crossbow cocked by dragging your thumb across the touch...


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  • InStyle InStyle

    The Best Quote From Last Night's Game of Thrones Episode References a Hilarious Tweet

    InStyle - 08/14/17

    "Last time I was here, I killed my father with a crossbow," reminisces Tyrion. "Last time I was here you killed my Thought you might still be rowing," quips Davos, which references a tweet by the actor who plays Gendry, Joe Dempsie. Back in 2014

  • SYFY WIRE (blog) SYFY WIRE (blog)

    25 of the Scariest Dystopian Realities

    SYFY WIRE (blog) - 09/03/17

    You think The Hunger Games is the only film on this list in which ninth-graders are forced to fight to the death by a totalitarian government, occasionally with a crossbow? Think again. This makes Average Joe humanity's only hope in a world in

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    5 things you need to know to hunt DEER

    The Advocate - 08/31/17

    BY JOE MACALUSO | That kind of supplemental feeding also can lead to hunting mistakes, Moreland said, explaining, “If you have a good hardwood component in your area, and from my trips into the woods this summer, the white

  • Decider Decider

    The Satisfying Smallness of 'Halt and Catch Fire'

    Decider - 08/17/17

    Yet within the complicated five-way relationship between the leading players in Halt's computer-industry narrative — Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis), Donna Emerson (Kerry Bishé), Gordon Clark (Scott McNairy), John Bosworth (Toby Huss), and Joe

  • PC Gamer PC Gamer

    God's Trigger is a lightning fast co-op brawler in the style of Hotline Miami

    PC Gamer - 08/23/17

    Dressed in all white, I kick things off as Harry. My partner Then again, storming rooms with shotguns and dual pistols and crossbows is fun—and a game that's able to repeatedly kill you without compromising the player's enjoyment is doing


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