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Crossbow Basics: How To Sight In A Crossbow James Winkles December 9, 2020 Crossbow Reviews No Comments You have a high powered crossbow, top-of-the-line bolts, and a brand new multi layer scope that’s going to take your hunting game to the next level.

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Joe. Crossbow Joe was born in Nashville TN and grew up in the smokey mountains learning to hunt at an early age. He left Tennessee for Africa where he attempted to hunt some of the deadliest animals in the world. Crossbow Joe now lives in the same town he was born in with his wife and kids.

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2018 NJ winter bow season, Scorpyd Deathstalker shooting the Thorn Archery broadhead for a quick humane kill.Equipment:Scorpyd Deathstalker 130Thorn Archery ...

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Joe D and his dad, Joe Sr. visited Texas last month. Here’s Joe’s story. My Dad and I came to Rancho Ciervo Grande for the first time this February. I’m a relatively new crossbow hunter and Dad has never hunted. I was hoping to get my first buck during the visit.

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Best Crossbow For Your Price Range (pre-2019 recommendations): Everyone out there is always looking for the best product that they can afford. Whether it is a vehicle, electronic device, or a crossbow, feeling like you have made the best purchase you can afford is always a satisfying thing.