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  • Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

    The Real History of the Ballista, Game of Thrones' Anti-Dragon Weapon

    Popular Mechanics - 07/28/17

    monstrosity. He even tests it on an ancient dragon skull (which would be like firing an AR-15 through King Tut's sarcophagus, but whatever). In human history, this old-school Godzilla-sized crossbow goes by a different name—a ballista. This

  • Asheboro Courier Tribune

    Tuesday Law Log, 8-1-17

    Asheboro Courier Tribune - 07/31/17

    Missing were several items, including a green Versa Max shotgun valued at $950, a black/brown Winchester 1200 shotgun valued at $200, a Charles Daily youth rifle valued at $200, a black Bushmaster AR 15 valued at $650, two black Remington 700 rifles

  • The Daily Caller

    2017's Top Crossbows

    The Daily Caller - 05/11/17

    Made possible by HeliCoil technology, which keeps the coiling cables above and below the cam for improved balance and 340-degree cam rotation, the compact crossbow attains 425 f.p.s. (for 160 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy). Assisting in attaining that


    Dog shot with crossbow, 2 arrests made in bizarre scare attempt in Adams County - 05/12/17

    MT. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.–Two men are facing charges after a man's dog was shot and killed with a crossbow and his truck was stolen during a bizarre incident in Adams County early Thursday. Samuel W. Fisher, 20, of Thomasville 

  • ABC Action News ABC Action News

    Triggertech recalls crossbow triggers due to injury hazard

    ABC Action News - 07/13/17

    TriggerTech is recalling Crossbow triggers (Carbide Triggers) because the rollers on the triggers can crack causing the weapon to discharge without trigger activation, posing an injury hazard to the user or bystander. The recall involves the following: 


Tactical Assault Crossbow! PSE TAC15 Upper for the AR15 The TAC15 crossbow upper receiver has been discontinued. As the video shows, though the bow was extremely fast and accurate, it was also too long to be ...

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Tactical Assault Crossbow! PSE TAC15 Upper for the AR15 ... Here is the product page for the new TAC Ordnance crossbow upper: 2013 PSE TAC…

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AR-15 "Assault" Crossbow upper: PSE TAC 15 - The Firearm ... AR 15 lower receiver, 170lbs built in easy cocking mechanism 3 rails. 425 grain arrow 420 fps. TAC 15 Tactical Assault Crossbow I think this finally ends ...