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World’s Best Shooting Glasses: The ESS Crossbow Kit

Hands down the best shooting and daily wear sunglass combination I have used: the ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X kit will impress you. For shooters, you will find the super thin "Suppressor"...


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ESS goggles have revolutionized the way military personnel and fire and rescue teams view eye protection. Winner of the US DOD Combat eye Protection (CEP) Solicitation. The only commercial goggles approved for use in the US Army.

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ESS ballistic sunglasses, eyeshields and goggles for Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Shooting and Hunting. ANSI Z87.1 eye protection. CROSSBOW Unit Issue, NSN is 4240-01-583-5742 ...

CROSSBOW Unit Issue, NSN is 4240-01-583-5742 by ESS Misc. 3.8 out of 5 stars 41 customer reviews. ... eye pro nice case eye protection glasses lenses lens sunglasses frame scratch distortion fog military safety vision wore. Showing 1-8 of 41 reviews. Top Reviews.

ESS Crossbow Suppressor Shooting Safety Glasses Review (USPSA, 3 gun, Military Eye Protection)

They are great eye protection for both indoor ranges and outdoor when it's dark, dusk, or sunny. Protect your eyes when shooting steel targets. This is an overview of the complete three lens kit ...

World’s Best Shooting Glasses: The ESS Crossbow Kit

The ESS Crossbow/Suppressor glasses are ANSI rated and coated for scratch protection. The lens exchange, shown here, is fast, simple, and positive unlike other systems I've seen.

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ESS CRossBow
Minimizes eye injuries to the Soldier during training and deployment. Provides protection from fragmentation, ultraviolet light, laser threats/hazards, wind, sand and other potential eye hazards.