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What is the Effective Range of a Hunting Crossbow?

Brad Fenson discusses the scientific reasons for the effective range of a modern crossbow.


How Far Can You Shoot a Crossbow - Effective Hunting ...

Effective Hunting Range. If using a 300+ FPS crossbow, the average effective hunting range is 50, maybe 60 yards. You can obviously go beyond that – even an 80 yard shot would still be powerful enough to kill medium and even big game.

Crossbows / Power / Range / Medium Velocity.

Maximum effective hunting range for this power of crossbow is 37 yards, any target that is beyond 30 yards you must raise the crosshairs and crossbow to adjust additional arrow drop while still keeping the target in the crosshairs.

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A modern crossbow far outclasses a compound as the more effective hunting tool. Here’s why: Power. Today’s crossbows are all but universally more powerful than any of today’s compounds. Finished crossbow bolts weigh around 400 grains on average, and some are quite a bit heavier.

CROSSBOW RANGE TEST 40, 50, 60 yrds- barnett quad 400

range testing this quad 400.this is the 1st crossbow i've had and i'm really impressed with the accuracy this has. 60+ yards is no problem with this crossbow. going to keep working my way out with ...

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The crossbow effective range depends on several things. Whether you use a crossbow for hunting or just for some occasional target practice, you may be wondering what is the effective range of a crossbow. It all depends on the type of bow, as well as the scope you are using, and your overall technique. And of course, the terrain, weather ...