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Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder, bowhunting and gun hunting rangefinder with Angle Intelligence by Wild Game Innovations

  • Powered by CR2 Battery (Included)
  • 6x magnification
  • Class IIIA laser, 5 mW or less


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BARSKA AC11876 4x32 IR Contour Riflescope by BARSKA

  • RINGS INCLUDED - The included 1 inch scope rings mount helps...
  • ILLUMINATED MIL-DOT RETICLE - Adapt the crosshairs to fit the...
  • UNCOMPROMISING CLARITY - Fully coated optics work to enhance...


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Orion Predator H30 Red 273 yards Long Range Rechargeable Coyote Fox Varmint Night Hunting Light Flashlight with Scope mount, Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Remote Pressure Switch & Charger Kit by ORION

  • EXTENDED BATTERY RUNTIME: 300 lm (4h), 190 lm (5h), 50lm (17h), 6...
  • COMPLETE HUNTING KIT: include rail mount, barrel mount, scope mount...
  • BEST HUNTING LIGHT - 273 yards of bright and focused green beam...



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Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead (Pack of 3) by Excalibur

  • Boltcutterbroadhead 6670 150gr 1 1/16Diam
  • 1-1/16" cutting head
  • Designed for use with high-speed hunting crossbows



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Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut Broadheads by Swhacker

  • Hardened high carbon steel point
  • 100 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Brodhead
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum

What is the Effective Range of a Hunting Crossbow?

Brad Fenson discusses the scientific reasons for the effective range of a modern crossbow.

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    10/01/18 ,via
  • How to Get the Most Out of Rangefinder Data

    “Modern crossbows have extended a crossbow hunter's effective range, compared to designs from 20 years ago,” notes Rick Bednar, president of TenPoint Archery. “However, this should not be a motivator to take shots beyond ethical archery-hunting 

  • Statewide archery season begins Saturday

    09/29/18 ,via Lock Haven Express

    Archery and crossbow hunters should take only broadside or quartering away shots at deer within their maximum effective shooting range – the farthest distance from which a hunter can consistently place arrows or bolts into a pie pan-sized target

  • Archery season opens Saturday

    09/28/18 ,via Gettysburg Times

    Pennsylvania's statewide archery deer season begins Saturday, Sept. 29, and its return is prompting the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) to issue some helpful reminders. Archers statewide can hunt for antlered or antlerless deer Sept. 29 to Nov.

  • 10 Must-See Bowhunting Products for Whitetail

    09/13/18 ,via Bowhunting Magazine

    Featuring a 4X32 CenterPoint scope, a picatinny rail, a side-mount quiver that works from either side, limb dampeners and string silencers to make the crossbow as quiet as a mouse, the Sniper Elite Whisper package comes with three 20-inch carbon bolts


Crossbow | Dishonored Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A silent, exotic weapon crafted from the finest materials, the crossbow is a good choice for the silent assassin. First acquired in the Dunwall Sewer stash after the Coldridge Prison break-out, it quickly becomes one of Corvo Attano's main weapons. In Dishonored 2, the crossbow is a gift from...

Crossbow | BioShock Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Main article: BioShock The Crossbow is the final ranged weapon obtained in BioShock.It is located in Fort Frolic.It fires single bolts with high damage that are effective at any range. Bolts that are fired sometimes do not break on impact, allowing them to be recovered and reused.

Chaotic crossbow | RuneScape Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The chaotic crossbow is a ranged weapon released with the Dungeoneering skill on 12 April 2010. Priced at 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens and requiring 80 Ranged and Dungeoneering to wield, it can fire all bolts except bolt racks. It has an off-hand counterpart, and when used with it, it offers...

Repeating crossbow - Wikipedia

The repeating crossbow (Chinese: 連弩; pinyin: Lián Nŭ) is a Chinese crossbow that was invented during the warring states period, and remained in use until the late Qing dynasty.The repeating crossbow combined into a one-handed movement, the actions of stringing the bow, placing the bolt and shooting, thus allowing for a much higher rate of fire than a normal crossbow.

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