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Bong State Recreation Area

The Richard Bong State Recreation Area in Brighton offers the following naturalist programs. A vehicle entrance fee ($7 daily; $25 annual state residents) is required to attend all programs. Programs start promptly, so please be on time. For more information on any programs, visit or call (262) 878-5600.

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    - 12/12/17
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    Crossbow Review: CAMX X330

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    Choose the Hunter package, and you get the Base plus four Xbow 100 broadheads, camo quiver upgrade, Lo-Ready sling and a wax/lube kit. Test Notes The test bow tipped the scales at 8.3 pounds fully loaded, among the lightest I've tested all year. It is

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    Crossbow Review: Barnett Ghost 420

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    A section of the riser is dished out just ahead of the rail receiver to allow broadheads to be safely drawn farther back. The Ghost's custom laminated Gordon Composite limbs are split and measure approximately 12.5 inches in length. They are anchored

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    I dropped a boar in its tracks with the very fast 405 fps Excalibur Matrix crossbow, using Ramcat broadheads. The neck shot traveled deep into the back leg. The next morning I took my dogs to track the first pig, which they found in no time. I got more


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