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The Colt Diamondback double action revolver was the small frame version of their breakthrough Python design. Colt manufactured the Diamondback from 1966 until 1988. Chambered in .22 LR, .22...

Reinventing the Wheel Gun with the New Colt Cobra - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Last year, Colt launched their newest revolver in the form of a 6-shot stainless steel, double-action snub nose chambered in 38 Special called the Cobra. While they resurrected the name of one of their more popular snubbies of yesteryear, the new Cobra draws more on the lines of the company's later SF-VIs (Small Frame 6 shot) and Detective Specials with an ejector rod shroud,...


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Colt Diamondback - Wikipedia

The Colt Diamondback is a revolver manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, in calibers of .22 LR and .38 Special. Inspired by the successful Colt Python, the Diamondback was manufactured from 1966 to 1988 and was available in barrel lengths of 2½, 4, and 6 inches.

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****SOLD 11/17/2020***** The Colt Diamondback is a beautiful classic double action revolver manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, Chambered in.22 LR/Long Rifle and ...Click for more info

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THE COLT DIAMONDBACK . COLT DIAMONDBACK "D" FRAME . In 1966 Colt introduced the Colt Diamondback revolver. The Diamondback was intended to be a premium quality adjustable sighted small framed revolver that would resemble the popular Python. The new Diamondback was built on the Colt "D" frame as used for the Detective Special, Police Positive Special, etc.

Colt Diamondback Revolver Review: Much More than a Baby ...

The Colt Diamondback is, in some ways, what the Python started out to be: a premier .38 Special target revolver. The reason is, with the Python, Colt decided to go with the more powerful .357 ...

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COLT DIAMONDBACK. The Colt Diamondback revolver that was manufactured in the 1960s in my opinion was one of the nicest double action revolvers ever made. The Colt Arms Company would produce many high quality handguns in the 1950s and 60s era and you could choose from many fine guns from the Colt Firearms line.

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Colt Diamondback $ inch
Colt Diamondback .22 LR with 4 inch Barrel.
Photo by ~Steve Z~ on Flickr
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Colt Diamondback .22LR
Photo by ~Steve Z~ on Flickr
Top - AK47 rifle Middle - Saiga 12 gauge shotgun Bottom left - 9mm Smith and Wesson (top), 9mm Lady Smith and Wesson (bottom) Bottom right - Smith and Wesson 686 scoped (top), and Colt Diamondback custom .38
Photo by Tiffany Joyce on Flickr