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Beretta CX4 Storm: Review, Why you NEED this 9mm carbine!

My review of the Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm Carbine. I outline my system of use for this platform, what I like and dont like.

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    06/07/18 ,via
  • Gun Test: Beretta Cx4 Storm

    11/15/16 ,via Daily Caller

    Recently when I was bouncing article ideas off of my good friend Kirk Stovall he said, “Why not do one on the Storm?” Showing off my great firearms knowledge I replied, “Yeah that storm the other night was Well it turns out they are a real firearm

  • [Milipol 2017] Beretta Unveils New PMX Submachine Gun

    The Italian shooting magazine Armi e Tiro report that the PMX is lighter than both the Cx4 Storm and the Modelo 12 at 5.3lb (2.4kg). Milmag reported Principally, the Beretta is a full-auto capable, select fire submachine gun, not a semi-automatic

  • Top five rifles: To never buy

    12/11/16 ,via SOFREP (press release)

    The Beretta CX4 storm sounds like a great idea on paper, a small lightweight pistol caliber carbine that accepts Beretta 92 magazines. Sounds like a perfect companion gun for anyone who already owns a Beretta 92 or Cougar series pistol. Complete 

  • 10 years after Dawson shooting, killer's weapon is more accessible than in 2006

    09/13/16 ,via

    13, 2006, shooting was the Beretta CX4 Storm. At the time, it was a restricted weapon, which required a special licence to own, a permit to transport it to a shooting club and a requirement the permit-holder be a member of a shooting club – the only


Gun Review: Beretta Cx4 Storm - The Truth About Guns

Overview The Beretta Cx4 Storm is a blowback-operated polymer-framed carbine that fires from the closed bolt. The simple blow-back action ensures perfect reliability.

Products — Beretta CX4 Storm Accessories & Parts Upgrades

Upgrade Beretta CX4 Storm trigger hammer guide rod

Beretta 92FS CX4 Magazine 9mm 30Rds Unpackaged

Beretta Factory replacement for 92FS & CX4 Magazine 9mm 30 Round


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Is the Beretta CX4 Carbine Discontinued? -

They don't sell well because they are more expensive than the other 9mm carbines so shops don't stock them. Beretta needs to move production of the Cx4 to the US so they can legally ditch the thumbhole stock.