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    Gun Review: Taurus PT-22 pocket pistol in .22 LR (VIDEO) - 02/22/17

    Making up for the lack of a lightweight trigger, the Taurus uses the always intriguing tip-up barrel, reminiscent of the Beretta 21 Bobcat. The PT-22's Riding inside a pocket holster, ankle rig or thigh set-up, owners can easily and discreetly

  • Human Events

    Pocket Carry of Small Caliber Concealed Handguns

    Human Events - 07/26/11

    All of these disadvantages can be mitigated by choosing the right size gun for your pocket and the right holster. One is the little .22 caliber Beretta Model 21A Bobcat semi-auto with the its tip-up barrel feature for easy and safe loading and

  • America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog) America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog)

    First Gear | Economical & Excellent: MGM and ClipDraw

    America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog) - 02/28/16

    A regular waistband and belt are on the edge for supporting a roughly 40-ounce, standard, all-metal pistol, and this is the part of the job a regular holster does so well—distribution of that weight on a longer span of belt. In jeans, the difference

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    Taurus PT-25 Review

    Handguns - 07/24/15

    Or get both! Beretta makes similar pistols in .22 long rifle and .25 ACP, the Bobcat. It has less magazine capacity at seven rounds plus one in the chamber for a total of eight rounds. They also have a .32 ACP version, the Tomcat, with the same 7 + 1

  • PJ Media

    Equipping and Training: 4 Tips for Getting Good With Your Concealed Carry Weapon

    PJ Media - 09/18/16

    That article was about the necessary clothing and holster considerations you need to make to carry your concealed firearm. But there is more you . The only one I've seem to be the most comfortable with is my .22 Beretta mdl 21A.Holds 8 or 9,semi auto.

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21 A Bobcat - Beretta The Beretta 21 A Bobcat remains today's best pocket pistol. It is small-size and light and ultra-concealable, while its tip-up barrel design makes it ...