La Armería Mark'2 celebra este fin de semana una competición de tiro al plato ... -

La Armería Mark’2 de Sevilla organiza el 1, 2 y 3 de junio una competición de tiro al plato en las nuevas instalaciones del campo de tiro a vuelo de Carmona. La celebración de esta tirada cuenta con la colaboración de varias Federaciones de tiro de Andalucía, y en ella todos los participantes podrán optar al sorteo de una escopeta semiautomática Beretta... via

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  • Twin Falls Times-News Twin Falls Times-News

    Shooting the Bull: Best turkey loads for trimming a longbeard

    Twin Falls Times-News - 09/15/16

    5 lead. I'm less of a sucker for punishment and traditionally endure the less brutal recoil of Winchester 3-inch shells pushing a still hefty 1.75-ounce payload of copper-plated No. 6 lead shot at a speedy 1,310 fps through my full-choked Beretta A300

  • Field and Stream (blog) Field and Stream (blog)

    Shotgun Review: Beretta A300 Outlander

    Field and Stream (blog) - 01/10/13

    I bought one for my kids to shoot and when Beretta announced that the 3901 would be replaced by the A300 for $100 more, my first thought was to wish I had bought a second, per the advice of Gene Hill in Field & Stream years ago: "When someone makes 

  • Twin Falls Times-News Twin Falls Times-News

    Shooting the Bull: Waterfowl and the Beretta Outlander A300

    Twin Falls Times-News - 01/02/14

    The A300 Outlander represents the company's initial venture into the entry-level autoloader market. At $650, the Outlander rings up for less than half the price of the company's flagship A400 line. Designed and built from the ground up in Beretta's

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    Best turkey loads for trimming a longbeard this season

    Elko Daily Free Press - 09/24/16

    With wild turkey seasons open or opening soon across the West, this might be the perfect time for you to head to your local gun range and pattern your gobbler gun. What many novice and experienced scattergunners often fail to realize is that it is just

  • Outdoor Life Magazine (blog) Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)

    New Shotgun Review: Beretta A300 Outlander

    Outdoor Life Magazine (blog) - 01/15/13

    The Beretta Outlander is now being offered in wood. It's Beretta's only shotgun that is made in America, which means an reasonable price tag of about $850. The Outlander is a hybrid gun mixing components of the A400 and the A391. It's a handy shotgun 


A300 Outlander - Beretta The A300 Outlander is today's best value in a semiauto shotgun. It gives shooters on a budget the features that have made Beretta the preferred brand for ...

Beretta A300 Outlander - Оружие.Тесты и обзоры Русский ... Новое полуавтоматическое гладкоствольное ружье A300 outlander появилось на нашем рынке ...

Beretta A300 Outlander - Talks Всем доброго дня! Купил 14 апреля в Кольчуге/ Комплектация: кейс, чок один-0,5., ключ для чоков ...

Beretta A300 Outlander - Гладкоствольные ружья для охоты ... Для возрождения прошлой славы, пришедшейся на выпуск ружья A300, компания "Beretta ...

Ружье Beretta A300 Outlander 12/76 76 - Описание Данную модель производитель характеризует как надежную и неприхотливую. Ружье ...