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    - 11/20/17
  • Nerdist Nerdist

    Functional KINGSMAN Umbrella Gun, Chain Fist Look Suave, Deadly

    Nerdist - 09/30/17

    The umbrella gun not only fires projectiles — that unfortunately need to be muzzle loaded musket-style — but also sports a projection of what's going on in front of the canopy onto the backside of the canopy. This is, of course, insanely cool, as it

  • Guns Magazine Guns Magazine

    A Recent History Of Toy Guns

    Guns Magazine - 10/06/17

    Captain Dirk Steele had the Nazi patrol dead to rights. They were absentmindedly milling around a large dirt pile and had not spotted him. He had been fighting across this same neighborhood for months now and knew the terrain like his own backyard.

  • Digital Trends Digital Trends

    DIY syringe-powered airsoft rifle is powerful enough to shatter glass

    Digital Trends - 12/24/15

    DIYer Patrick Priebe of Selfmade and Laser Gadgets has a new creation that uses a standard syringe as the backbone for a homemade pump action Airsoft gun. The gun is made using a spare piece of wood that is sanded into a grip and stock, scrap 


    I'd Rather Get a Dick Pic Than Swipe Right On a Man With a Gun - 06/20/16

    I've shot a gun before. Much like the gun-toting Tinder man on the far right above, I'm something of a historical enthusiast. My vagina did not prevent me from jumping at the chance to learn how to load and fire a Revolutionary War era musket in high


Musket Airsoft Gun - General Discussion - Airsoft Forum Musket Airsoft Gun - posted in General Discussion: It would be really awesome if a musket airsoft gun was made. Where ya like pack the bb's in the barrel and shoot it.

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