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Denix Colonial Replica 1807 Trim French Non Firing Gun Flintlock Rifle, Brass by Denix

  • Brass Finish
  • Non-Firing Replica
  • Museum Quality Historical Reproduction

2 Rifle Musket Gun Shotgun Display Case Cabinet Rack Airsoft Replica Wall Mount (Oak Finish, Red Background) by, Factory Direct Display Cases

  • Handcrafted in solid furniture grade beech hardwood with elegant...
  • Brass hardwares and felt fabric background to create a stunning...
  • This cabinet has installed lockable latches and a 98% UV Protection...



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Denix 1853 Civil War Enfield Rifle Musket - Non-Firing Replica by Denix

  • This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York
  • Features a barrel Length of 38-5/8inches
  • Both federal and confederate troops used the rifle

Rifle Pen by The Masters Design
got flintlock? - White Outer & Black Inner Ceramic 1.5oz Shot Glass by Molandra Products

  • When you need a shot of whiskey, tequilla, vodka, gin, or whatever...
  • This shot glass is durable enough for the dishwasher or the microwave.
  • This is perfect for a party, gathering, or if you like drinking alone.

Out with the old, in with the older? KTW Spencer Carbine - RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

KTW seem to be going further back in time when it comes to finding ideas for projects. Their newest oldie is the spring action repeater known as the Spencer Carbine. How will it fair in the...


King Arms Tommy Gun 1928 Model 6mm Airsoft Assault Rifle ...

King Arms Tommy Gun 1928 Model 6mm Airsoft Assault Rifle RIF AEG 6mm Airsoft / BB Guns for sale in West Sussex, South East, United Kingdom

Denix Replica Land Pat Musket Brown Bess

p Denix replica of the British muzzle loaded Brown Bess musket as used in Napoleonic Wars 1799-1815 . This replica is all metal with a wooden stock the flint-lock can ...

Pedersoli Brown Bess Musket : Cabela's

Pedersoli Brown Bess Musket; Caliber/ Gauge Bullet Diameter Finish Stock Description Barrel Length (in) Length (in) Model Weight (lb) SKU Quantity Price In-Store ...

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Pedersoli 1861 Springfield .58-Caliber Musket : Cabela's

An upgraded version of Springfield’s Model 1855 without the Maynard tape priming system, the .58-caliber Springfield 1861 rifled musket set the standards for ...