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Zombie Shredding Zombat Stryker M4 Airsoft Gun by Echo 1 - Airsoft GI

Easiest and effective choice of weaponry for slaying down zombies. The Echo 1 Zombat Stryker is lightweight yet versatile powerhouse. Free float RIS and strike face are a few minor parts that...

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Echo1 M4 and Echo1 M16 Series - Echo1

Echo1 M4 and Echo1 M16 Series - Echo1. The Caliber 5.56 mm M4 and M16 rifle has been in operation for the United States military since 1963. By 1969 it replaced the M14 as the official service rifle of the U.S. military.

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06.16.12 OP Gaughan Memorial
(My son has not put this gun down for 3 days now. He may possibly be sleeping with it under his pillow... lol... I can't believe he won it!! SUCH a happy little heathen!!) Special thanks to the sponsors Kastway...
Photo by #1 Airsoft Mom on Flickr
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MACC Airsoft Game - 08/18/12
With the Zombat. _______________ MACC Airsoft Base Lawson, MO
Photo by #1 Airsoft Mom on Flickr