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Airsoft - Umarex UMP 45 Nipple Shot! Elite Force (Feat: The Desert Fox @ Tac City)

Hey guys today we're going to get some gaming in with a particularly awesome SMG: The UMP 45 from Umarex UMP 45: UMP Mag: http://www.air...

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UMP - ARES Airsoft

UMP SMG-001. Features. Compact, Durable and Powerful. Ideal Weapon for CQB; Nylon Fiber Upper & Lower receiver

H&K UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle with metal ...

Shop The H&K Licensed UMP Full Size AEG is a serious game gun with superb collector value. This very compact assault rifle is perfect for CQB, outdoor field games and automatic backup weapon for snipers. The UMP comes with a side folding stock, RIS, weaver receiver, and a metal gearbox ready to take on a... , Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Electric Rifles

G&G UMG (UMP .45) - Canada's Largest and Best Airsoft Store

G&G UMG (UMP .45) Part Number 83502: G&G UMG (UMP .45) ... All airsoft guns/markers are ONLY sold to 18+ years of age or older. All customers must provide valid government issue ID when receiving parcels for proof of age. All airsoft guns/markers sold on this website adhere to all Canadian importation regulations.

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H&K UMP .45 Elite Gen 2 Airsoft Electric Blowback EBB AEG SMG Rifle by Umarex + Cart. $179.95 H&K UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle with metal gearbox by Umarex - Black + Cart. $299.95 UMAREX H&K UMP 45 Airsoft GBB SMG by Umarex - Black + Cart. Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 ...

HK UMP GBB Airsoft Gun | Umarex USA

The HK UMP Gas Blowback airsoft gun is from the Elite Force Airsoft line of Elite guns. In its selector mode it features a fourth option: 2-shot burst. Double-tap your opponents to your heart's content! $299.95 Qty: The HK UMP: an iconic submachine gun used by the world's elite government and law enforcement agencies. ...

hk gun rifle machine pistol ump airsoft
My airsoft UMP that I use to shoot my mates and other like-minded loonies. I added the vertical grip, quick-detach silencer, red-dot sight and home made magpul.
Photo by axeman3d on Flickr
edinburgh m4 ump m16 skirmish ak47 airsoft m14 ncis g36
Photo by axeman3d on Flickr
edinburgh m4 ump m16 skirmish ak47 airsoft m14 ncis g36
Photo by axeman3d on Flickr