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  • everything is wired up for you, just add the new power cable and...
  • This turret contains Taigen's newest feature: airsoft barrel recoil!
  • A Tiger 1 late version metal airsoft recoiling turret.

1/16 German King Tiger Henschel Turret Air Soft RC Battle Tank Smoke & Sound (Upgrade Version w/ Metal Gear & Tracks) by Midea Tech

  • Full scale R/C function simulative motor start-up sound (Upgrade...
  • The barrel moves up and down 30. the turret turns 320 emulation...
  • Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately...

1/16 Radio Control German JAGDPanther Tank Destroyer Airsoft RC Battle Tank w/ Sound & Smoking Effect RC RTR by HengLong

  • Note: Not for Children Under 10 Yrs Old (Color may Vary)
  • Turret Cannon Move Up and Down
  • Full Function Radio Controlled


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15 Channel 1:20 RC Tank USA Sherman M4A3 Main Battle Tank Model With Air-Soft(Green) by fisca

  • When launch BB Bullets, the Simulative Noise and Recoil just Like...
  • 3 Different Level Accelerating Speed Forward with 30 Degree...
  • 15 Channel Full Radio Control Function,...

Smoking 1:16 RC Tank German Tiger I Panzer w/. Engine Sound & Airsoft Gun by Unknown

  • Scale: 1/16, Smoking & Sound effect
  • Realistic smoking function supper chassis, Realistic suspension system
  • Function: forward high-speed forward, backward, high-speed backward...

SENTRY GUN - New Airsoft gun by Redwolf Airsoft [English]

The first video from the IWA 2014, another Video will follow.


SENTRY GUN - New Airsoft gun by Redwolf Airsoft [English ...

SENTRY GUN - New Airsoft gun by Redwolf Airsoft ... Real-Life Sentry Gun / Aim Bot / Gun Turret / Turret Sentry ... RedWolf Airsoft 2,240,509 views.

Arduino Airsoft Turret: 8 Steps -

National Robotics Week Robot Contest: Age Group 13-18 Whether you are fighting in an airsoft battle, or defending your desk at work, an airsoft turret is a...

airsoft | Portal Sentry Turret Build

Portal Turret Build: Fiberglass Wings Part 2. Estimated Time: 4-5 hours. Tools Needed: Paintbrush, Fiberglass Cloth, Resin, Exacto-Knife, Scissors

RC Airsoft Turret | Inventgeek

As promised here is version 2.0 of the airsoft turret project. Based on an overwhelming amount of fan feedback from the first project we decided to make the platform ...

Homemade Airsoft Turret Prototype - Airsoft Sentry Gun ... This is my latest project. Its an (hopefully soon) fully automatic airsoft turret or airsoft sentry gun. It shoots 6mm ...

project robot valve portal turret sentry
Epoxying the airsoft gun in place.
Photo by TJCoffey on Flickr
project robot valve portal turret sentry
The airsoft guns we got have a semi-automatic mode where you cock it for every shot and an electrically operated full automatic mode. In the full auto mode, the trigger pushes this switch, engaging an electric motor....
Photo by TJCoffey on Flickr
project robot valve portal turret sentry
The pods are starting to look a bit full with all the mechanical bits and the airsoft gun and hopper.
Photo by TJCoffey on Flickr