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    - 11/26/17
  • Hackaday Hackaday

    OpenCV Turret Tracks Motion, Busts Airsoft Pellets

    Hackaday - 08/04/17

    In the eternal struggle for office dominance, the motion-tracking Airsoft/Nerf/whatever, the autonomous turret seems to be the nuclear option. [Aaron] and [Davis] built a motion-tracking turret that uses openCV to detect movement, before hitting a

  • Hackaday Hackaday

    Airsoft Sentry Gun Keeps Your House Guarded | Hackaday

    Hackaday - 12/06/15

    Ever since automated turrets became a thing in video games, people have strived to make their own — let's be honest, who wouldn't want an automated defense 

  • New Tang Dynasty Television New Tang Dynasty Television

    25 strangest airsoft gadgets you've never seen before

    New Tang Dynasty Television - 02/19/14

    The Craziest Airsoft gadgets: these gadgets and equipments could be useful or not. But in all cases they can be a lot of fun. If you are working on projects of gadgets (turrets, drones, tanks, planes, remote control vehicles, grenades, mines, mortars

  • Gizmodo Gizmodo

    A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle Keeps All Work Distractions At Bay

    Gizmodo - 08/23/13

    With this USB-powered desktop sniper rifle you'll never miss another deadline again because of idle chit-chat and other distractions from your co-workers. Ideal for cubicle-type setups where you're protected on three sides, this tiny gun fires plastic

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