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SENTRY GUN - New Airsoft gun by Redwolf Airsoft [English]

The first video from the IWA 2014, another Video will follow.

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Do It Yourself Gadgets: Airsoft Turret

Airsoft Turret This is an update on my latest project, a fully functional airsoft sentry gun! Click here and take a look at the detailed pictures,plans and videos!

How to Build a Deadly Motion-Activated Airsoft Turret Gun ...

There's no hope. At least, until the next airsoft battle. So, enlist the help of a little unmanned airsoft artillery with this DIY motion-activated airsoft turret. It will definitely help you annihilate the enemy, thanks to its 600-round BB capacity. Just don't get caught in its sights—friendly fire is never good.

Real-Life Sentry Guns for Sale - Paintball Airsoft Turret ...

A turret is a rotating weapon platform. It is a pan/tilt assembly that holds a non-lethal airsoft or paintball gun. We offer these kits because currently there are no other options out there besides trying to build it yourself.

Raspberry Pi Motion Tracking Airsoft Turret : 3 Steps ...

The airsoft turret is autonomous so it moves and fires the gun when it detects motion. There is also an interactive mode so that you can control it manually from your keyboard. This project is small, lightweight and entirely battery operated.

RC Airsoft Turret | Inventgeek

So for this project we will be detailing the construction of the turret and building the base as more of an experimental platform so you can choose what method you want to use. The Airsoft Gun: We picked this little beauty up at the local mega-lo-mart for about $19.00. There are mainly 2 different types of airsoft guns, CO2 and Electric.

project robot valve portal turret sentry
Epoxying the airsoft gun in place.
Photo by TJCoffey on Flickr
project robot valve portal turret sentry
The airsoft guns we got have a semi-automatic mode where you cock it for every shot and an electrically operated full automatic mode. In the full auto mode, the trigger pushes this switch, engaging an electric motor....
Photo by TJCoffey on Flickr
project robot valve portal turret sentry
The pods are starting to look a bit full with all the mechanical bits and the airsoft gun and hopper.
Photo by TJCoffey on Flickr