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    - 11/20/17
  • Hackaday Hackaday

    OpenCV Turret Tracks Motion, Busts Airsoft Pellets

    Hackaday - 08/04/17

    If you want to take a stab at your own, [Aaron] and [Davis] show how they built their project in their .io page and their Python script can be found on GitHub. Otherwise, check out the Counter Strike Airsoft robot, the Airsoft sentry gun, and

  • Hackaday Hackaday

    Airsoft Sentry Gun Keeps Your House Guarded | Hackaday

    Hackaday - 12/06/15

    Ever since automated turrets became a thing in video games, people have strived to make their own — let's be honest, who wouldn't want an automated defense 

  • Gizmodo Gizmodo

    A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle Keeps All Work Distractions At Bay

    Gizmodo - 08/23/13

    With this USB-powered desktop sniper rifle you'll never miss another deadline again because of idle chit-chat and other distractions from your co-workers. Ideal for cubicle-type setups where you're protected on three sides, this tiny gun fires plastic


    3D Printed Airsoft Gun Created By Engineer - 01/16/16

    Today we came across yet another 3D printed gun. This one, is an airsoft BB gun. For what it lacks in ammo, it makes up in complexity and design. The gun, which was designed by an Instructables member “Engineer777,” was created using mainly 3D printed 


RC Airsoft Turret | Inventgeek As promised here is version 2.0 of the airsoft turret ... RC Airsoft Turret. ... Next up is to totally remove the innards of the airsoft gun from the shell it ...

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SENTRY GUN - New Airsoft gun by Redwolf Airsoft [English ... Guy Brings Home-made Airsoft Gun and Destroys Everyone.... - Duration: 11:39. Silo Entertainment 3,299,600 views. 11:39.

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