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Here's a review of the SRC RPK. This is a Russian support rifle in the AK-family, and SRC did quite a nice job replicating it. It's got a super-long barrel so it's go great range and it...


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ECHO1 RED STAR RPK Airsoft Gun Features : All Metal with Real Wood Furniture Full Stock Bipod Battery and Charger ECHO1 RED STAR RPK Airsoft Gun Specifications: Weight: 9.5 lbs. (4.30 kg) Inner Barrel Length: 500mm (650mm max)...

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Electric airsoft machine guns are powered by NiMh or LiPo batteries which makes them very cost-effective compared to gas. The battery powers up a piston inside the gun which propels the BB through a hop up inside the inner barrel.

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$439.00 - $475.00 6mmProShop Barrett Licensed M107A1 Gen2 Long Range Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

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Variants like the AK74 are more compact in design, making them more easily maneuverable in tight situations while rifles like the RPK have a longer barrel for increased long-range accuracy. Many of our AK style AEGs are full-scale replicas of their real steel counterparts and feature many of the same construction methods.

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Airsoft is a recreational sport started in the 1970s with games run similar to paintball. Airsoft guns projects 6mm plastic bbs. Airsoft is designed for use in a certified or regulated sporting event or competition, in military or civil defense activities and theatrical productions.