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UKARMS Dummy Bazooka Spring Airsoft Rifle Gun FPS 175 by UKARMS

  • SIZE DIMENSIONS: Approx. rifle length: 30.5 inches
  • VELOCITY (FPS): 160-175 feet per second (FPS) w/ 0.12g BB's, Comes...
  • SPRING POWERED AIRSOFT RIFLE: UKARMS Dummy Bazooka Spring Airsoft...

M79 Airsoft Grenade Launcher m 79 replica by King Arms

  • Airsoft grenade launcher

J & J Multi Launcher, Paintball, Airsoft, Milsim Games, Nerf - KNA Foam rocket launcher, 54 CI, reusable, Air or remote CO2 by JJSporting

  • Simple to fill, crisp push button trigger to launch. Easy to...
  • Aluminum tank and fiber reinforced valve. No PVC pressure holding...
  • Under 5 pounds, 150 PSI max, CO2 or Air. Reusable, refillable,...

JJSporting Aluminum accumulator/air tank for pneumatic storage, building air cannon, paintball, airsoft, MilSim, Nerf rocket or simulated grenade launcher. by JJSporting

  • Also used to build air cannons for launching tennis balls,...
  • You get the aluminum accumulator tank and fill/gauge/safety...
  • This is to build your own Paintball, Airsoft, MilSim, NERF type...

Bottle Air/Water Rocket Launcher. H-base+R-trigger Kit. Lower Shipping!

  • You will Need/ Not Included: Drinks Bottle, Pump, Water.
  • The kit includes: base, trigger, 2 fasteners, 2 galvanized spikes,...
  • Great item for people of all ages for fun, science projects, school...

Airsoft - RPG Action, Room Clearing

The RPG I am using a UNICORN RPG with a realistic construction of wood and steel that fires 40mm M203 style grenade shells. Now originally this was going to be for the 200000 special but...

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    06/06/18 ,via
  • That 'Loaded Grenade Launcher' Found in a Goodwill Bin Is Actually an Airsoft Toy

    02/01/18 ,via Gizmodo

    On Thursday, news outlets around the country reported what seemed like an “only in Florida” story: Goodwill workers in the state found a grenade launcher in a donation shipment, complete with a live grenade. More skepticism was warranted, however, 

  • Haul of replica firearms including 20 guns and a deactivated rocket launcher stolen from storage unit

    12/12/17 ,via Bournemouth Echo

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  • The US Army 3D-Printed a Grenade Launcher and Called it RAMBO

    03/08/17 ,via Popular Mechanics

    In a blend of pop culture showmanship and high tech, the U.S. Army has revealed a grenade launcher made almost entirely from 3D-printed parts. Even better, it fires 3D-printed grenades. The project highlights the Army's interest in integrating new 

  • South Live: Tuesday 12 December

    12/04/17 ,via BBC News

    A deactivated rocket launcher, 50 airsoft grenades and 20 airsoft guns have been stolen from a shipping container on the Dorset-Hampshire border, police said. The weapons, along with ammunition, were taken sometime between 16:00 GMT on Thursday 


Airsoft M72 LAW Rocket Launcher -

Using an airsoft 40mm grenade shell for the reservoir and valve system, build a nerf launching LAW for about 60 dollars plus the cost of one airsoft 40 mm grenade...

Airsoft Grenades, Launchers, Land Mines - AirSplat

Airsoft grenades and distraction device are perfect to use for clearing rooms or use as a distraction tool. They're gas operated and some of them can be reused for multiple times.

Airsoft Guns, Grenade Launchers & Shells - ...

$50.00 - $59.00 (Memorial Day Sale!) Matrix 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher for M4 M16 Series Airsoft Rifles

Matrix CNC Aluminum Full Metal Airsoft RPG ... -

Shop The Matrix RPG is the most authentic replica of the world-famous RPG rocket launcher in the market with both the ability to fire an Airsoft 40mm grenade shell, and an amazing price tag!

Airsoft gun - Wikipedia

Airsoft guns are replica weapons used in airsoft sports. They are essentially a special type of very low-power smoothbore air guns designed to shoot non-metallic spherical projectiles often colloquially (and incorrectly) referred to as "BBs", which are typically made of (but not limited to) plastic or biodegradable resin materials.

november nc gap center 2008 command fulda clemson wargames hickory decisions airsoft taylorsville ncao cdwc
AT Launcher
Our last-ditch AT rocket didn't work...a theme that would haunt Reds through the weekend!
Photo by abcovey on Flickr
november nc gap center 2008 command fulda clemson wargames hickory decisions airsoft taylorsville ncao cdwc
AT Rocket Launcher
Breaks/unscrews into two parts for manpad AT use
Photo by abcovey on Flickr