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  • New Tang Dynasty Television New Tang Dynasty Television

    25 strangest airsoft gadgets you've never seen before

    New Tang Dynasty Television - 01/14/17

    The Craziest Airsoft gadgets: these gadgets and equipments could be useful or not. But in all cases they can be a lot of fun. If you are working on projects of gadgets (turrets, drones, tanks, planes, remote control vehicles, grenades, mines, mortars

  • Roanoke Times Roanoke Times

    Santa and Grinch teams clash in airsoft battle

    Roanoke Times - 12/17/16

    “The only way to really take us out of play is with a rocket launcher, land mine or satchel charge,” said Davis' teammate Eric Evans, who then explained that those weapons come in the form of duffel bags that troops could hurl at the vehicle. Borrowing 

  • MaltaToday MaltaToday

    Over 100000 weapons - and one rocket-launcher - in private hands

    MaltaToday - 01/12/17

    Over 100,000 weapons - and one rocket-launcher - in private hands There are, for example, two rocket launchers registered, as well as three mortars, 22 cannon, seven humane killers and 11 firearms concealed in walking sticks. The number of modern 

  • Everything USB

    Most Entertaining (and Bizarre) USB Toys

    Everything USB - 08/26/10

    The U10 BB Gun from AXPro combines a motorized plastic launcher, USB camera and software to create an 8-meter ranged, howitzer-looking cannon. Comparatively, the original Dream Cheeky launcher fires 'Nerf' style 'missiles' whereas this BB gun 

  • St. Albert Gazette St. Albert Gazette

    Fake guns, real cause

    St. Albert Gazette - 09/17/16

    Drouin, owner of Four Tracks All-Terrain Ltd., is a volunteer in Operation Valour – what's likely Western Canada's biggest airsoft tournament. He's one of some 223 people here at the Grunts Paintball field north of Morinville this Sept. 10 to shoot


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