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A short video explaining a method to get your favorite Airsoft rifles and pistols into Aus. Leave a Like and comment if this method worked for you!


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Hey Lifehacker, I was wondering: are airsoft guns illegal in Australia? Nerf guns just don't shoot far enough and don't look nearly as cool -- something about a bendable foamy cylinder to the arm ...


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Airsoft (Military Simulation or “Milsim”) • Airsoft IPSC (Practical Shooting) See Airsoft Media for footage of practical shooting Both forms of the sport are yet to pass legislation, but after discussions with executives in the firearms industry, Milsim type Airsoft has a slim and much tougher chance of passing legislation.

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Airsoft guns and pistols are allowed a muzzle velocity below 100 m/s (328 ft/s) (i.e. equivalent to a muzzle energy equal or minor to one joule). Under the law, airsoft guns are not classified as firearms, but as toys. One can buy and sell them both from stores and from another private citizen, either domestically or from abroad.

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Airsoft Guns. Airsoft guns are designed for shooters who have a traditional, intermediate, or advanced skill level. These guns are easy to transport throughout shooting routines since Airsoft manufacturers build the weapons with lightweight materials.