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A short video explaining a method to get your favorite Airsoft rifles and pistols into Aus. Leave a Like and comment if this method worked for you!

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Airsoft Pistols Australia | Airsoft Sydney

Airsoft Pistols Australia. Airsoft Pistols come in a range of firing types. Some models are single cock and fire action, while others employ electronic or gas powered operation, the later being the most popular choice among Airsoft players. We’ll break down these three types of pistols and their pro’s and cons respectively:

Airsoft Australia | Airsoft Sydney

Why is Airsoft illegal Australia? The main reason that airsoft is illegal is because of the definition of firearms. Each State in Australia has their own firearms laws and these laws must meet the NFA (National Firearms Agreement), which was brought in post Port Arthur. For example, in Western Australia, the definition means that it is considered a firearm.

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Airsoft guns, AEG rifles, GBB rifles as well as Gas Blow Back pistols and sniper rifles are permanent available. G&G, Krytac, WE, Well, Amoeba, Ares, G&P, KWA, Tokyo Marui, ICS and VFC and also the world famous airsoft grenades by Airsoft Innovations are just a few to be mentioned.