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Now you all know I like a shell ejecting Airsoft gun! As impracticable as it is, it is so satisfying lol. Join me as I unbox and take a look at the exciting D-Boys Kar98k Rifle! Almost perfectly...


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K98 Rifle and accessories. The standard German military rifle issued to the German Army in WW2 was the K-98 rifle. The bolt action K98 rifle was very accurate and was issued to all the German branch of services including the Luftwaffe, Fallschirmjager, Army, Waffen SS even the German Navy used the K98 rifle in World War Two.

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WW2 German Mauser K98 rifle. This is a full size metal replica of the legendary WW2 German army bolt action rifle. The Mauser K98 rifle was the standard military issue rifle for the German Army, Luftwaffe and Waffen SS in World War Two.

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Gasbetriebene Langwaffen wie die HK G36 & MP5 oder auch der klassische M1 Carbine und Mauser K98 sind hochwertige Replikas mit Anspruch auf absolut realitätsnahe Bedienweise.

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The trigger is a long, slim blade and has a two-stage pull to it. Both stages can be adjusted; there are two small screws set into the top face of the trigger blade.

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