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Diana Mauser K98 Air Rifle air rifle by Diana

  • velocity: 850.00 ft/sec
  • Mauser inspired hardwood stock
  • caliber: 0.22

Diana Stormrider Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle air rifle by Diana

  • velocity: 900.00 ft/sec
  • Bolt Action PCP Repeater
  • caliber: 0.22

Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit (.177 Caliber) by Diana

  • CO2 Air Rifle
  • Velocity: 642 fps
  • Caliber: 0.177

RWS Model 350 Magnum .22 Caliber Pellet Airgun by Umarex USA

  • RWS 1004260 350 Magnum air gun .22 long range rifle
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Barrel length is 19.5 inches


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Diana RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact air rifle by RWS

  • caliber: 0.177
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
  • velocity: 1000.00 ft/sec


Now you all know I like a shell ejecting Airsoft gun! As impracticable as it is, it is so satisfying lol. Join me as I unbox and take a look at the exciting D-Boys Kar98k Rifle! Almost perfectly...

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    09/29/18 ,via
  • DC's Cache of Seized Illegal Guns Has Antique Rifles and Paintball Guns, But Few Bump-Stock-Compatible Weapons

    03/20/18 ,via Reason (blog)

    How exactly it came to be that 15 airsoft guns, 46 BB guns, and 4 paintball guns were sent to D.C.'s crime lab for forensic analysis, I don't know. It's certainly possible they were being carried as decoy guns (which is still illegal in D.C.), but I

  • Heckler and Koch G3 Battlerifles: Still the main squeeze… overseas (VIDEO)

    03/15/14 ,via

    While the StG44 assault rifle, Mauser K98 bolt-action rifle, and MP38/40 series of subguns were an answer to 1940s combat, a decade later they were being rapidly outclassed by the new Soviet AK-style weapons. While the AK47 itself was based on the 

  • Chinese and Taiwanese Military Uniforms and Small Arms Compared (1911-2017)

    Recently, I came across an interesting video, which shows the evolution of Chinese and Taiwanese (officially Republic of China) uniforms and firearms. It compares them side by side in chronological order. You can watch that video below or scroll down

  • Report from the Ed Rosenthal Clinic

    09/27/10 ,via Hawaii News Daily

    Got back from a fun and informative day in Kona. The Sheraton Keauhou graciously hosted a seminar by the famous grow-guru Ed Rosenthal. Several Friends for Justice, Peaceful Sky Alliance and Americans for Safe Access were comped tickets, thanks to 


(Airsoft) KAR 98K D-Boys - YouTube

Shots with the KAR 98K D-Boys. Works better this time. I just needed a bit of training I guess. The gun is actually pretty smooth once you get used to it. I'...


Airsoft Kar98 gameplay. Keep in mind this video is old. So I have since gotten tonnes of new gear you can see in my channel. Check out my instagram: https://...

DBoys Bolt Action Kar 98 98K Mauser Carbine WWII Rifle ...

Products Most Often Purchased with our DBoys Bolt Action Kar 98 98K Mauser Carbine WWII Rifle - REAL WOOD: G-Force Airsoft OpSpec Single Point Tactical Bungee Sling - OD GREEN; ... "personally i like the k98 rifle. but for airsoft its not a vey good weapon. i dont have the weapon but i wouldent get it.

Airsoft Rifle GSG K98 Real Wood (Rifles) | ASMC

Information about Airsoft Rifle GSG K98 Real Wood. The legendary Mauser K98 rifle was, in various versions, over 100 million times from 1898 until 1945 produced

Mauser KAR98K, D-Boys, BY-101 | AirsoftGuns

Airsoft zbraně . Útočné pušky a samopaly ... AirsoftGuns: Dle informací od výrobce se tento princip pušek K98 přestal vyrábět. 30.10.2017 Dotaz. Adalbert Kubín. Dobrý den, chci se zeptat kdy bude tato nádherná zbraň opět skladem. Děkuji. AirsoftGuns: Dle posledních informací se přestala vyrábět.