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Element 552 Airsoft EOTech replica Holographic Sight Review

A short demo of the sight, now used on my G36c, and has been sprayed to match :) enjoy Review of the G36 seen in this video: S-Thunder Landmine Guide:...

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What Is A Holographic Sight - Airsoft Optics

Also referred to as holographic diffraction sight, this is a non-magnifying gun-sight that helps the shooter to acquire the right target. By looking through the optical glass window, the user is able to view clear reticle images superimposed at a given distance inside the given field of view.

Best Airsoft Holographic Sights Of 2020: Choosing the Best ...

When it comes to airsoft holographic sight, the EOTECH 512 Holographic Sight is always at the forefront. Believe it or not, it is currently one of the best in the market and it is a top choice for a lot of airsoft gamers around the globe.

Best holographic sight under 200 [ Display ] - Airsoft Optics

A holographic sight usually comes with a ring that allows for more efficiency in acquiring targets. This is because the reticle usually enlarges whenever it’s being zoomed in, while the size of aiming remains unchanged. ... Airsoft Optics is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed ...

Airsoft Holographic, Reflex & Red-Dot Sight

An Airsoft Red Dot / Holographic sight created by THETA OPTICS which is designed to be fit onto 20mm RIS / RAS Rails to make aiming your Airsoft gun easier and quicker giving you an advantage in CQB engagements. The sight projects a sighting picture using a laser on to the front glass lens which once zeroed will be where the pistol will shoot ...

Airsoft holographic sight, red dot scopes - shop Gunfire

Airsoft holographic sight. A large part of the replicas available in our shop was equipped by the manufacturer with mechanical optical instruments. However, there comes a time when you want to expand your replica and improve your efficiency. Then it is worth to take advantage of airsoft optical accessories.

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A special M4 carbine for a Specialist.
This is my (airsoft) M4 carbine. I'm very pleased with it aesthetically. there are some minor flaws with the stock mechanics but all in all, I am very pleased with this AEG. I equipped it with a 552 holographic red...
Photo by tsuihin - TimoStudios on Flickr