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ukarms p1168 m16 spring airsoft gun shell ejecting full size heavyweight assault rifle fps-345(Airsoft Gun) by Velocity Airsoft

  • Modeled After the M16 Assault Rifle! Spring Powered, Ejects Mock...
  • ntegrated Top RIS Rail System Under Removable Carry Handle to...
  • Adjustable Hop Up System & Rear Aiming Sight Working Safety...


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Sunny Days Entertainment Maxx Action 30" Toy Pump Action Shotgun with Electronic Sound and Ejecting Shells by Sunny Days Entertainment

  • Electronic gun sounds
  • Ejecting shells
  • Realistic loading action

Evike 6mmProShop 3-Round Shells for M1887 Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun - 5 Pack by Evike

  • Standard reload set for M1887 shotgun
  • Metallic and polymer construction
  • Can load between 1 to 3 BBs per shell

Evike JG AK Beta Spetsnaz Bolt Action Shell Ejecting Spring Powered Airsoft Replica Rifle by Evike

  • *Completely pre-built, this Airsoft gun is NOT separate parts and...
  • Heavy Duty ABS Polymer Construction
  • Single shot spring action; No gas or battery required

Evike JG Shell Set for AK Spring Powered Shell Ejecting Airsoft Rifle - Set of 12 by Evike

  • High strength polymer construction
  • Extra rubber BB holders included
  • Capacity: 1rd per shell

ASG STI 1911-A1 SHELL EJECTING Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol RSS Unboxing Review

THIS AIRSOFT PISTOL IS NO LO LONGER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE TO BUY! I will do an update on Facebook and/or Twitter if this is made available again. Here I unbox and test the exciting ASG / MARUSHIN...

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    06/05/18 ,via
  • Is Iran Copying Glock Handguns Outright?

    Notice the pattern of ejecting shells and the rear slide plate that appears to be a fully automatic modification, consistent with the close proximity of the shells. They would probably be further apart if it were a standard Glock 19. As an example from

  • SHOT SHOW SECRET: B&T Set To Release USW-320

    Building on the success of their original Universal Service Weapon (USW) pistol, Swiss firearms and suppressor manufacturer B&T has designed a new polymer version based on the P320. Besides the modularity of the new USW-320, the frame itself is 

  • Elderly British Man Jailed for Collection of over 100 Illegal Firearms

    not- I trust my neighbor. When I or others discuss ejecting some savages from our country to deal with the problem of savages shooting eachother, you call people like me “racist”. For once the police pictures aren't of airsoft or blank

  • Wargamers: Paintballs and White Pajamas (Part One)

    08/19/16 ,via SOFREP (press release)

    At some point, the Japanese mania for their otaku war imitation merged with the growing trend in paintball to try to make playin' guns as realistic as possible…and Airsoft was born. This is an entire industry based on making dudes and dudettes feel–as


Socom Gear Barrett M107 GBB Shell Ejecting - Buy airsoft ...

Buy Socom Gear Barrett M107 GBB Shell Ejecting from RedWolf Airsoft. Browse different Sniper Rifles by Socom Gear online. Buy Socom Gear Barrett M107 GBB Shell Ejecting and other airsoft Sniper Rifles for cheap prices now.

Airsoft Guns - Buy airsoft guns online from RedWolf Airsoft

APS CAM870 Magnum APS's CAM870 Magnum CO2 Shell Ejecting 12bb shotgun is now available. This is the bleeding edge of realism in airsoft shotguns. - TOP JAPAN

ultimate ejection electric blow back シリーズをお使いになる前に: top japan純正カートリッジ以外は使用しないでください, Online Shop for Cheap Airsoft Guns ... : - Tactical Gear Magazine Batteries/BBs/Gas External Upgrade Flashlight Laser Sight Scope Aiming Sight Tools Internal Upgrade Outdoor Accessories Night Vision Gas Gun Upgrade Special Weapons Airsoft Guns Sniper Rifle Upgrade airsoft, airsoft gun, aeg, airsoft bb gun, airsoft pistol, airsoft sniper, softair, airsoft parts ...

Gas Airsoft Guns

The most effective in AirSoft bb gun performance runs on a gas driven mechanism. Low-temperature carbon dioxide (CO2), environment safe Freon, or Green Gas are the most popular of gases used.

Airsoft M4 2 (These are not real)
Shell ejection door , magazine eject * These are all airsoft replica guns. They cannot be modified to fire real bullets. They shoot small rubber BB's.
Photo by RVAE34 on Flickr