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  • Florida Times-Union Florida Times-Union

    14-year-old charged in mother's stabbing death in Jacksonville home

    Florida Times-Union - 09/02/15

    Barry Daughtry lives on South Derringer Circle, only a half-mile away from the home of his wife, but he turned himself in to police Feb. 19 on an arrest warrant issued a week earlier, according to jail records. Barry Daughtry's next pre-trial hearing


    Gun Control: Where Each of the Presidential Candidates Stands - 06/18/15

    We need to ask all of the candidates where they stand on derringers. After all, the derringer is in the top 5 most dangerous guns according to Rolling Stone (along with pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns). Just missing the top 5 list were bb-guns


    Father of Cleveland cop who shot Tamir Rice says his son had no choice - 12/01/14

    His son was less than eight months into his career as a big-city cop when the 26-year-old fired two shots at 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was wielding what turned out to be an airsoft gun at Cudell Recreation Center Nov. 22. Loehmann and his partner

  • Gothamist

    Brooklyn Muggers Try To Rob Man With Vintage Gun

    Gothamist - 01/14/15

    A pair of Brooklyn teens attempted a stick up a man in Bay Ridge last month using a firearm so creaky the cops aren't even charging them with weapons possession. According to the Post, 19-year-old Ariel Ruiz and 17-year-old Christopher Rivera employed 


    'Anti-gun' civil rights lawyer arrested for carrying gun in Cleveland airport - 02/17/15

    The gun turned out to be an airsoft pistol, and the boy's family filed a lawsuit against the city and the officers involved in the deadly shooting. However, the family has since sought legal council from a different lawyer. Malik has represented


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