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I got 3 boxes of Boneyard scrap yard things today. This is what I call the "Thanksgiving Edition" For 2015.


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Airsoft Bone Yard Check back often to find great deals on spare and rare parts or project guns to rebuild; these guns also serve as a terrific non-firing life-like prop. This section is great for the tech-saavy player that sees the value in these to part out for an existing gun, or to repair to working order.

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Boneyard Airsoft Sniper Rifles & AEGs Our Airsoft Boneyard features airsoft guns and accessories that cannot be sold as New or Certified Pre-Owned due to a wide ...

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Boneyard Here you will find Broken/Refurbish Airsoft Guns. Many of them are missing items, or may have broken items, semi working, non working. As is, no warranty, return, exchange. These items are great if you're looking to learn how to tech your gun, or if you're just looking for replacement parts for your current gun.

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Airsoft Boneyard; Airsoft Weapons which need some love. If you're looking for a project Weapon, or a Gun for Spares or Repairs you've come to the right place. Find yourself a Reduced Price Damaged, Scuffed, and Pre-Loved Weapon for Projects and Spares.

The Boneyard, Indiana Airsoft down to the bone - Bloomington

The Boneyard and B.E.A.S.T. Crew are community driven and dedicated to airsoft as a whole. The Boneyard Is home to free community events multiple times a year, as well as also organizing large and milsim style events at local and regional fields. B.E.A.S.T. is the Boneyard team. We travel to events all over the country with the goal of ...