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    Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics

    Bearing Arms - 09/02/14

    Cooper favored was well represented, along with at least one 1911 in 9mm. Two shooters carried Springfield Armory XDs in .45ACP. One carried a Taurus (809?). Another shooter carried an HK P2000. Remington graciously provided my ammunition for the

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    Ammo Test – HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF

    Bearing Arms - 08/07/14

    The HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF (Open-Tip Frangible) seems as if would be a gimmicky round… but a little bit of ballistics gel testing suggests that it may actually be a good, low-recoiling self-defense round. Bob Owens Author: Bob Owens Bob Owens is 


9mm Frangible Ammo - Guns and Knives Show RSS. 9mm Frangible Ammo - Guns and Knives Show RSS. 9mm Luger - DRT 85 Gr. Frangible JHP - Ammo Test RSS. Frangible 9mm Ammo - YouTube Ordinarily firing at steel ...

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Frangible 9mm Ammo Ordinarily firing at steel targets at such close range would create a very high risk of potentially lethal ricochet, but the lower powered frangible rounds ...