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    Team Never Quit frangible ammo: an utterly biased follow-up - 05/26/16

    Some time ago, yours truly reviewed 9mm frangible ammo branded by Team Never Quit; manufactured by Snake River Shooting Products (SRSP). Since then, there's been an actual encounter in which I used TNQ frangible. What follows is an utterly biased 

  • AmmoLand Shooting Sports News AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

    History of the .45 ACP Cartridge

    AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - 07/21/16

    USA -( In U.S. military circles for over one-hundred years; from the onset of the Civil War all the way to today, there has been a tendency to prefer a large diameter bore, subsonic pistol cartridge if we are required to use a non

  • Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog) Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog)

    How Do You Test Handgun Reliability?

    Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog) - 07/05/16

    Or are you going to walk into the range during one of the intermittent ammo droughts that are the “new normal” in this industry and find out that the only ammo left in stock is a kind that won't reliably cycle your gun? Regardless A revolver can


    Team Never Quit Frangible ammo: Collateral damage surprises - 05/14/15

    This series of unscientific, but practical, tests sought to test the penetrating qualities of this ammo… and the results were quite unexpected. Read to the end, because we found out why. Lucky Gunner provided Team Never Quit's 9mm, 100 grain HP

  • Army Technology Army Technology

    Ecomass Technologies - Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles Supplier for Training Ammunition

    Army Technology - 02/24/16

    Ecomass Technologies is a leading US manufacturer and supplier of lead-free polymer based frangible projectiles for the military, law enforcement and civilian ammunition industries. Designed specifically for training purposes, Ecomass non-toxic


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