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    Ammo Test – HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF

    Bearing Arms - 08/07/14

    Share on Facebook 1K. 1K SHARES. The HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF (Open-Tip Frangible) seems as if would be a gimmicky round… but a little bit of ballistics gel testing suggests that it may actually be a good, low-recoiling self-defense round.


    Winchester Ammunition awarded $27.6 million military contract - 06/12/14

    The Naval Surface Warfare Center processed the contract and awarded it to the Olin Corp., the parent company of Winchester Ammo, on June 2. Winchester will provide 9mm frangible ammo to the Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy so troops can train for 

  • (press release)

    U.S Military Awards Winchester 9Mm Frangible Ammunition Contract (press release) - 03/12/09

    Frangible ammunition is designed specifically for training applications, and the contracted 9mm ammunition will support the Navy Surface Warfare Center. The work will be performed in East Alton, IL, and Oxford, MS., and is expected to be completed by Feb.

  • Bearing Arms Bearing Arms

    Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics

    Bearing Arms - 09/02/14

    Cooper favored was well represented, along with at least one 1911 in 9mm. Two shooters carried Springfield Armory XDs in .45ACP. One carried a Taurus (809?). Another shooter carried an HK P2000. Remington graciously provided my ammunition for the

  • BBC News BBC News

    Guide dogs and guns: America's blind gunmen

    BBC News - 08/13/14

    In the US, being blind is no bar to owning and carrying firearms. The blind people who do it say they are simply exercising their constitutional right, and present no danger to the public. When Carey McWilliams went to the sheriff's office in Fargo


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9mm Frangible Ammo - Guns and Knives Show 9mm Frangible Ammo. ... Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics Bearing Arms - 09/02/14. Cooper favored was well represented, along with at least one 1911 in 9mm.

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