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    Team Never Quit Frangible ammo: Collateral damage surprises - 05/14/15

    This series of unscientific, but practical, tests sought to test the penetrating qualities of this ammo… and the results were quite unexpected. Read to the end, because we found out why. Lucky Gunner provided Team Never Quit's 9mm, 100 grain HP

  • Sarasota Herald-Tribune (blog) Sarasota Herald-Tribune (blog)

    Column: Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's new 'Team Never Quit' 9mm ammo

    Sarasota Herald-Tribune (blog) - 04/21/15

    A block of ballistic gelatin contains bullet fragments from two 9mm rounds. Entering from the right, a Team Never Quit Frangible Hollow Point. Entering from the left, a Liberty Civil Defense Lead-free Hollow Point. The star-burst pattern in the gel


    Gear Review: Challenge Targets' Steel Handgun Target - 08/06/15

    frangible ammunition such as Team Never Quit loads, whose developers have tested the ammunition for fragmentation at a range of a couple of inches, will do the job well (Disclaimer: TNQ dealer Lucky Gunner supplied me with a few free boxes of 9mm.

  • AmmoLand Shooting Sports News AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

    Frangible Hollow Point & Training Ammo - How Does It Stack Up?

    AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - 04/29/15

    As the TNQ team evaluated the best way to go about training and self defense rounds, and the ammunition line, many potential projectiles and concepts were tested and the decision was finally made to implement a segment of the line with Frangible 

  • Bearing Arms

    Ammo Test – HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF

    Bearing Arms - 08/07/14

    The HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF (Open-Tip Frangible) seems as if would be a gimmicky round… but a little bit of ballistics gel testing suggests that it may actually be a good, low-recoiling self-defense round. Bob Owens Author: Bob Owens Bob Owens is 


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