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Tracy Gifts #frangibility - Men's Hashtag Adult Tank Top, Heather, Small by Tracy Gifts

  • The fit is considered semi-fitted and it features a double-needle...
  • The product itself is produced and shipped from the USA
  • The tank top weighs 4.5oz for a nice lightweight and comfortable feel.

Tracy Gifts Got frangibility? - Men's Adult Tank Top, Heather, X-Large by Tracy Gifts

  • As always, sizes vary between styles so be sure to check our size...
  • This Anvil tank top is made of 100% combed ringspun preshrunk cotton.
  • The product itself is produced and shipped from the USA

Frangible bullets vs FMJ 9mm

Frangible bullets vs FMJ 9mm Video and Production: Kelly-Charles Pidgeon, Lori Blackwell Our buddy Buffalo - And Hickok45 -

L-Tech Enterprises debuts new 9mm ammo called Full Stop -

Kentucky-based L-Tech Enterprises recently shared a sample of their new defensive 9mm ammunition, Full Stop. While it’s not always easy to say something new about ammo, L-Tech provides some interesting new components to discuss, at least one of which may be a boon to anyone who carries daily.

L-Tech both manufactures and tests specialty ammunition. The company makes some of the ammo...


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    02/09/18 ,via
  • L-Tech Enterprises debuts new 9mm ammo called Full Stop

    01/19/18 ,via

    That translates into better physical performance and firing capability from the operator—something other 9mm producers can't claim. The only problem with this load is in the marketing. L-Tech is known for its frangible loads, but Full Stop is hard to

  • NovX Deliver Ballistically Superior Ammunition at 2018 SHOT Show

    By combining the ARX poly copper projectiles and SST NAS3 stainless steel shell casings, these cartridges deliver improved power, efficiency, velocity, accuracy, weight reduction, lubricity and cycle rates when compared to standard ammunition. NovX

  • Why Are Federal Bureaucrats Buying Guns And Ammo? $158 Million Spent By Non-Military Agencies

    10/20/17 ,via Forbes

    We live in a dangerous world. For the 70,000 officers at Homeland Security and the 40,000 officers within the Department of Justice, proper training and equipment are vital to their daily law enforcement duties. Over a nearly two-year period - the last

  • Team Never Quit frangible 9mm ammo: Collateral damage surprises

    05/14/15 ,via

    Frangible ammunition, with lead-free bullets, was previously used by this testing team only for building-clearing training, where it's touted to pulverize on impact with walls, but put a tidy hole through cardboard targets. Today, frangible is being


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