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Benchmaster - Weapon Rack - Single Gun Pistol Rack - Magnetic Strip - BMWRM3AMS – Pistol Storage – Gun Safe by BenchMaster

  • This Single Gun Pistol RAC - Magnetic Strip safely and securely...
  • Safe and convenient method of storing handguns in a safe
  • Designed to accommodate pistols of any caliber with or without...

AT1 - 9mm Luger - Extreme Shock 85 Gr Frangible

AT1 - Ammo Test 1 - 9mm Luger - Extreme Shock 85 Gr Frangible - Jug test and water expansion test.

NovX Deliver Ballistically Superior Ammunition at 2018 SHOT Show - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

USA -( NovX, a new class of ammunition that is ballistically superior to standard ammunition, will be exhibiting in booth #14802 at the SHOT Show on January 23rd – January 26th, 2018 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NovX has rocked the industry with their recent introduction of their patented cartridge. They have married two technologies,...


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    06/06/18 ,via
  • Shell Shock Technologies Shooter John Vlieger Finishes Strong in Recent Matches

    –-( Shell Shock Technologies, LLC., an early stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry, is pleased to announce its sponsored shooter John Vlieger has 

  • NovX Launch Their 9mm ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense Ammo

    The NovX 9mm ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridge is a totally new and revolutionary patent-pending class of ammunition. It combines the intellectual properties of a polycarbonate/copper ARX bullet with the Shell Shock Technologies (SST) 

  • New NovX Ammunition Using Shell Shock Cases

    ammunition called NovX. According to the company, the ammo is designed to be a “new class” of ammunition that “is ballistically superior; reduced recoil, match-grade accuracy, devastating wound channels.” (their words, not mine) This, again in the

  • High-Performance 9mm an “Experiment” With New Ammo Technology

    The “latest” pistol-bullet technology, and one with which I've had only a little experience, is (for lack of a better term) “scalloped bullets,” called by manufacturers non-descriptive names, like “Extreme Defense,” “Extreme Defender,” et al. These


The Box O' Truth #23 - ExtremeShock Ammo and the Box O ...

It so happens that I met the owner of the company that makes the Extreme Shock ammo at ... ammo. The first is Extreme Shock 9MM ... Ammo and the Box O’ Truth. ...

Extreme Shock Ammo Test - YouTube

We tested the Extreme Shock Air Freedom Round in a Springfield Armory XD service model 45 ACP vs. a 185 Winchester Silver tip on some watermelons. This shows...

9mm Extreme Shock 85gr. Air Freedom Rounds (AFR) - Ammo To Go

Cheap Extreme Shock Ammunition 9mm Luger (9x19) ammo for sale at - 20 round packs of Frangible 85 Grain ammunition in-stock now.

Will an Extreme Shock in the USA Lead to More Gun Sales ...

People who invest in companies that produce guns and ammo are often betting that an extreme shock in the USA can lead to higher sales for both. ... WallStreetWindow

AT1 - 9mm Luger - Extreme Shock 85 Gr Frangible - YouTube

AT1 - Ammo Test 1 - 9mm Luger - Extreme Shock 85 Gr Frangible - Jug test and water expansion test.